Struggle to sleep?

They say the average adult needs 7-9 hours of sleep a night. And for many suffering with sleep issues, it can feel like a tough, tiring mountain to climb every night to hit that goal. 

The fact is, you need quality sleep. It’s vital to your health and wellbeing. And if you aren’t getting it, then you could be facing a whole load of health and wellbeing issues.

Good sleep = boosted health

A lack of sleep doesn't just affect your energy levels, It also effects your...

Memory & concentration


Productivity levels



To all the sleep-deprived people - we hear you!

We’ve developed the best noise reducing earplugs for sleeping. Not only are they specially designed to block out unwanted noise at night (snoring for example), but they’re super comfortable and stylish too.

Get the sleep you need with Loop Quiet earplugs.
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  • My insomnia is gone

    ”I can finally get to sleep without hearing every little noise that fuels my insomnia. Thank goodness for these precious little silicone earplugs!”

    Saeed, 29
  • Given me my life back

    “I bought the Quiet to sleep in to drown out my partner’s snoring. I fall asleep so much easier now. Worth every penny!”

    David, 62
  • 2 years in, and I still love them

    “I use these when I need to focus as I get easily distracted. They’re perfect for when I need some quiet time too!”

    Joy, 47
  • Kids have a happy mama

    “Before I got my Loops, I’d get triggered by noise and become more irritable as the day went on. Now I can make it through the day with a genuine smile.”

    Jane, 31
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  • Rolling Stone

    The best reusable earplugs for sleeping and live shows

    "Feel free to move around, dance and sing; they’re not going anywhere."

  • Wired Recommends

    You've never seen an earplug look this good

    "Comfort and sound aside, what they’ve really got going on is style."

  • The New York Times

    Top pick earplugs for concerts

    "The first earplug every tester said would be happy to wear regularly."

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  • Reusable & built to last

    Durable, easy to clean & designed for years of repeated daily use.

  • Certified hearing protection

    PZT-tested and approved to keep your ears safe.

  • Customisable fit

    Seal off your ear canal with adjustable ear tips for a snug fit.

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Developed in a lab

Designed, tested and developed by experienced product designers to create the best-in-class reusable earplugs available.

Engineered for the moment

Each Loop is fine-tuned to offer the perfect balance of noise reduction, clarity and comfort for every moment.

Style as standard

Sound comes first, but style is a close second. Loop earplugs empower you to be bold and show the world who you are.

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