Earplugs for events

The roar of the home crowd chanting at a football game when their team is winning. The boom, crackle and hiss of fireworks on Bonfire Night. The thumping bass of the speakers in your favourite nightclub.

These are all things that make life great. But events can be so noisy.

Have you ever left a concert with ringing ears? Or found yourself yelling to your friends on the way home from a night out? Tinnitus and a temporary threshold shift, where you suffer from temporary hearing loss, can both be symptoms of hearing damage – which can often go hand-in-hand with exposure to loud noises at events.

But it doesn’t have to be this way, as noise-induced hearing loss can be prevented. So if you want to keep attending all those events you love while protecting your hearing, consider using earplugs for events.

Why you should use earplugs for events

It can take less than you might think to damage your hearing. Without hearing protection, damage can occur when you’re exposed to sounds of 85 decibels or more. Music festivals and concerts are usually around 97 decibels. At that level, it can take just 30 minutes before potential hearing damage if you’re not using protection – and it can happen even quicker if you’re standing right in front of the speakers, where the noise is more intense.

Nightclubs can be even louder, at around 100 decibels – and at that level, it can take just 15 minutes before you potentially damage your hearing. Plus, loud nightclubs are usually packed full of people which can cause some people to feel overstimulated and overwhelmed.

You get the idea. No matter whether it’s a party, live music, sporting event, or even a trip to a theme park, it’s important to protect your ears whenever you’re in a noisy environment.

Wearing earplugs at events means you don’t need to miss out on your hobbies and social life. But your ears will be protected, and wearing earplugs can be a big benefit for people who suffer from noise anxiety or noise sensitivity, too.

Why Loop Earplugs for events are your best option

Whether you’re looking for earplugs for music events, airshows, or sporting events, Loop has got you covered.

Traditional earplugs block out sounds – not an ideal solution when you want to experience all the excitement of an event. But Loop Earplugs are different. They filter sound waves rather than blocking them, which means that you can still hear everything perfectly – just at a lower volume.

Loop Experience earplugs offer up to 18 dB (SNR) and 7 dB (NRR) of noise reduction – and you can even get a further 5 dB of protection with the Loop Experience Plus.

Or if you want to take the edge off when you’re attending a noisy event, opt for the Loop Engage. They’re perfect for people who feel overwhelmed in busy places, offering up to 16 dB (SNR) and 10 dB (NRR) of noise reduction, or an extra 5 dB with Loop Engage Plus.

Both types of earplugs come with a selection of ear tip sizes so you can get the perfect fit for you, and the ear tips are made from super soft silicone. So no matter how long you’re out partying for, or how many extra minutes in the match, you’ll forget you’re even wearing your Loops.

What’s more, they look great too, with a choice of colours to suit every style. And when you’re not using them? Just wash them then pop them in their handy Carry Case, ready to reuse at your next event.

Here’s the damage

You know that ringing in your ears after you go out? That means you’ve hurt them.  

All it takes is 70dB. 

Prolonged exposure to anything at that level or above can cause hearing damage. Concerts, parties, nightclubs and sports events usually reach upwards of 90dB. That’s why it’s a good idea to get earplugs for live music, stadium sports and the like. You can keep going to them, and protect your hearing too. 

Are there actually any earplugs that are good for EDM events and live music? Or for sporting events? Yes, but don’t worry. You don’t have to wear earplugs that look like you’ve stuck a couple of cheetos in your ears. Or that block out so much sound you can’t enjoy the music. Or that are just, well, uncomfortable.

We’ve got you

We also got tired of earplugs that got in the way of the full event experience (and that made us feel self-conscious too).  

So we designed Loop Experience earplugs for gigs. They: 

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Sound good

With an acoustic resonator that mimics your earit’ll all sound natural. You’ll be able to hear all frequencies clearly, but the advanced filter will bring it all down to a safer volume.

Look good

Loop Experienceearplugs fit nicely in your ears. They don’t stick out, they stay put (even while headbanging), and they’re stylish. You’ll actually want to keep wearing them.

Feel good

With soft memory foam and silicone ear tips in four different sizes, you’ll find your perfect fit and enjoy whatever you're listening to in comfort. Plus, walking around with these you’ll feel good too. No more ringing in your ears. No more discomfort.

  • “Loop saved my ears! Awesome! I used to suffer from… ringing ears… after a night out, clubbing or coming home from festivals. But not anymore, thanks to Loop.”

    - Sarah V.
  • “With Loop I could hear the concert clearly at a comfortable decibel level… Can’t wait for my next concert or sports game!”

    - Alicia H.
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Live life at your volume

Now you can cheer in basketball games, dance the night away in nightclubs, and go to every festival without a care in the world. Your ears are protected.

30 days free return

Take them with you to your next event. With 30 days free return, you can always give them back. No hard feelings.

Frequently asked questions

What type of events can you wear earplugs at?

You can wear earplugs anywhere! Whatever type of event you love, you can wear your earplugs. Whether it’s a sporting event, an airshow, a concert, or a party, Loop Earplugs can help to reduce both the noise and the overwhelm.

Are earplugs suitable for music concerts and festivals?

Yes, Loop Experience earplugs filter sound rather than muffle it, so you’ll still hear every note and beat perfectly at festivals and concerts – just quieter.

Can earplugs be used at sporting events, such as football or basketball games?

Loop Earplugs can be used anywhere, and you’ll still be able to hear everything that’s going on when you wear them at a sporting event.

Can earplugs for events help reduce noise-related stress or anxiety?

Loop Engage earplugs are perfect for people with noise-related stress. They can help to take the edge off, allowing you to fully engage and enjoy the experience.

Do earplugs for events block out all sound, or just reduce the volume?

Traditional foam earplugs block out sound, but that can spoil the atmosphere. Our earplugs filter sound waves instead, so you can still hear everything – just at a lower volume.

Are earplugs recommended for attending fitness classes or gyms with loud music?

If your gym or spin class is loud, you can reduce the volume with earplugs. And because Loop Earplugs are reusable, you can easily keep them clean in between sessions.

How long can I wear earplugs for events at a time?

Loop Earplugs are made with soft silicone tips so they’re comfortable to wear for long periods of time.

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