Feeling overstimulated
as a parent?

There’s no getting around it – parenting life is hectic.

The thing is, as a parent you’re multitasking from day one, as soon as your little one arrives into the world. It’s like having 50 tabs open at once that you’re desperately trying to go back and forth between, without forgetting anything.  

And where your senses are concerned, come the 5pm witching hour, it can often feel like a full-blown assault.

You may find yourself snapping at your kids or partner. And chances are, you’re not even angry, you’re just overstimulated.

The truth is, parents everywhere are being overwhelmed with sensory stimuli, and their ability to process and cope with it is having trouble keeping up.

How can you deal with overstimulation as a parent?

1. Schedule some quiet time

Let everyone know that you are taking time for yourself. And then do it. Even if it’s just time out in your bedroom upstairs

2. Know your triggers

3. Accept multitasking isn’t always achievable

The problem is that when we multitask our attention is divided, which means in turn that our sensory processing is divided too. This leaves an almost impossibly small window for anything else to get a look in (namely, your kids).

So when you’re cooking dinner, answering an email, and having a conversation with your partner, remember to try and leave a bit of room for sensory interruptions or unexpected help requests.

4. Get into a routine

5. Try noise-reducing earplugs

Noise-reducing earplugs can really help to deal with sensory overload as a parent. Earplugs such as Loop
 and Loop Engage Plus. These modern earplugs are especially designed to limit the volume of parenting, while making sure that you don’t miss a beat.

Loop Engage are earplugs that take the edge off parenting life by reducing noise levels by up to 16 decibels. With a patented acoustic channel and a newly engineered filter, they’re 100% safe to wear while looking after children. You’ll still be able to hear everything, just with a bit more calm.

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  • Kids have a happy mama

    “Before I got my Loops, I’d get triggered by noise and become more irritable as the day went on. Now I can make it through the day with a genuine smile.”

    Jane, 31
  • Given me my life back

    “I bought the Quiet to sleep in to drown out my partner’s snoring. I fall asleep so much easier now. Worth every penny!”

    David, 62
  • 2 years in, and I still love them

    “I use these when I need to focus as I get easily distracted. They’re perfect for when I need some quiet time too!”

    Joy, 47
  • My insomnia is gone

    ”I can finally get to sleep without hearing every little noise that fuels my insomnia. Thank goodness for these precious little silicone earplugs!”

    Saeed, 29
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