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Reduce distractions and get in the zone fast with Loop Quiet earplugs. Top-rated earplugs for focus & productivity.

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“I’d be 10x further today if I had these when I started freelancing. I‘m getting so much more done. It’s crazy.”
- Damien, 28

Reach deadlines quicker

Get your work done faster when the pressure’s on by reducing distractions and staying in the zone.

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Let your creativity flow

Give your brain a break from the constant noise stimulation and watch your creativity shine. 

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The #1 productivity hack

  • Snug fit for all-day comfort

    Adjustable ear tips provide a comfortable fit tailored to your ear.

  • Flexibility

    Made from soft touch silicone.

  • Reusable & easy to clean

    Loop Quiet is easy to clean and designed for years of repeated daily use.