Everyday noise sensitivity earplugs

Loop Engage Plus earplugs offer instant relief. The solution to help you manage your volume for whatever your day brings. 

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“Commuting to work through the city used to be so triggering for me. Now I can walk with a smile.”
-Veronica, 25
  • "Made me feel more at ease"

    Was unsure about buying these if they would really be able to make a difference. Used them on a trip recently and for someone who suffers from noise sensitivity and travel anxiety, these really made me feel more at ease.

    Abbie, 31
  • These things save my life, daily

    As someone with ADHD, these things have been lifesavers. They soften the noise just enough so that I can still talk and hear but without feeling so overwhelmed. Amazing!

    Dimitri, 35
  • Perfect for anyone with noise sensitivity

    As a recently diagnosed autistic adult, I struggle with noise sensitivity but didn’t like the big bulky noise-cancelling headphones. These limit noise well but not to the point of being unable to hear conversations.

    Chloe, 27
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Get the peace you deserve

Less noise, more life  

Reduce triggering background noise by up to 18 dB to take the edge off and prevent you from feeling overwlehmed by noise. 

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Wearing earplugs

Stay present & engaged       

Unlike most earplugs, your voice sounds natural when you speak, so you can enjoy conversations but at a volume that suits you. 

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  • Customized fit

    Adjustable ear tips provide a comfortable fit tailored to your ear while sealing off the ear canal for maximum noise reduction.

  • Designed to stay put

    The iconic circular design and ear tips fix the earplugs in place, allowing you to move around without them falling out. 

  • Reusable & built to last

    Made from ABS, Loop Engage is easy to clean and designed for years of repeated daily use.