Be present at family time

Show up calm and engaged at family time with noise-reducing earplugs. Loved by 15,000+ parents worldwide.

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“They really help take the edge off at bedtime. I’m a much calmer parent now.”
- Jules, 31
  • "Kids have a happy mama"

    Before I got my Loops, I’d get triggered by noise and become more irritable as the day went on. Now my kiddos have a happy mama who can make it through the day with a genuine smile.

    - Jane, 32
  • "Made me a calmer parent"

    These earplugs have made me a calmer parent. I’m more patient now and don’t get overwhelmed as easily when they’re crying and being loud.

    - Derek, 35
  • "Perfect for feeding time"

    It can be difficult to stay calm when I’m feeding screaming kids after a long day at work. These earplugs really take the edge off for me so I can respond how I want to.

    - Alexandra, 27
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The #1 hack for parents

Be the parent you want to be

Take the edge off whenever you need it, from the school run to bedtime, and show up as your best self. 

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Parent with Loop Earplugs Parent with Loop Earplugs

Treasure every moment 

Give yourself the headspace to focus on the important stuff, like watching them learn, laugh and grow.

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  • Snug fit for all-day comfort

    Adjustable ear tips provide a comfortable fit tailored to your ear while sealing off the ear canal so you can 

  • Move and play freely

    The iconic circular design and ear tips fix the earplugs in place, allowing you to move around without them falling out. 

  • Use them over & over again

    Made from non-toxic acrylic, Loop Engage is easy to clean and designed for years of repeated daily use.