The Marketing Team

Unleashing creativity and captivating audiences
through content is what they do. 

Loop’s Marketing Team is the driving force behind our captivating strategies that engage audiences and fuel sales growth. With their innovative thinking and creative flair, they craft messages that resonate and build lasting connections with our customers. 

Open Positions

  • “Having a challenging work environment surrounded by awesome people combined with a great company culture makes Loop an awesome place to work at.”

    Emeric Callaert, Digital Campaign Manager
  • “I was immediately made to feel at home at Loop. Loop fosters an environment where you can express your thoughts and encourages personal growth through challenging work.”

    Ilse Madelein Velema, Project & Campaign Manager
  • 🚀 Belgium’s fastest growing scale-up

    Deloitte’s Fast 50 winners 2022.

  • 🦄 Unicorn status incoming

    Aiming for 1 billion in value by 2027.

  • ⚡ Team up with top talent

    Collaborate with some of the best minds in the biz.

  • 💻 Fully flexible working

    At the office, at home. Whatever works for you.

  • 🫶🏽 People-first policy

    Health & well-being above business goals, always.

  • 🌍 Do good in the world

    Help millions of people live more empowered lives.

Meet our Marketing Teams

Customer Experience

Loop’s Customer Experience Team strives to create unforgettable interactions with our company. They understand customer needs and go above and beyond to exceed expectations. From delivering exceptional service to crafting user-friendly products, they aim to build strong, lasting relationships. Using feedback surveys, data analysis and user testing, they continuously enhance the customer experience.  

Brand Marketing

Loop's Brand Marketing Team is a dynamic force, propelling growth and igniting brand awareness. With captivating copy, innovative design, strategic content, dynamic social media, and impactful public relations, they excel at every level.

Product Marketing

Loop’s Product Marketing Team is the mastermind behind all of Loop’s successful launches and campaigns, bridging the gap between product development and marketing. From market research to persuasive messaging, their goal is to generate excitement and demand for our products. Collaborating with sales, design and content teams ensures an effective marketing approach through storytelling and market positioning.  


Loop’s E-commerce Team make online shopping a breeze. They navigate the virtual aisles by strategically positioning products to amplify reach and boost sales. From product discovery to checkout success, they'll make you click, smile and return for more. So say goodbye to long queues and hello to a seamless online shopping experience with our E-commerce dream team.  

Data & Analytics

Loop's Data & Analytics Team is the dynamic duo that supercharges our Marketing Team. They deeply understand the target audience, uncover valuable trends and make informed decisions to drive successful campaigns. Data and analytics empower the marketing team to create personalized experiences and achieve results by finding customer preferences and refining messaging. 


How does the Marketing Team create a fun, collaborative, creative work environment?  

The Marketing Team thrives on idea-sharing, high-energy brainstorming sessions and embracing the power of diverse perspectives. It's a place where your voice is heard, your ideas are valued and collaboration sparks the most brilliant marketing magic. 

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