Our Mission

We love your ears.

It’s the unexpected experiences that make us feel alive. We live to lose ourselves in the moment. Dancing with friends at a festival, rocking out at a concert, the rush of the fresh air on a motorcycle. In these moments we live life loud.

The moments of rest can be equally exhilarating and refreshing. If we make the time to filter out the noise we can focus, relax and reconnect. We can achieve new levels of balance and confidence with the power of quiet.

Part of our daily routine is being proactive with our health. We believe this includes the protection of our hearing from lifelong damage.

We want to make people happy with high-quality earplugs that are easy to use, so we make them comfortable, stylish, low-profile and reusable. With the right earplugs our adventures don't have to be exhausting, but endless.

Live life at your volume. We'll take care of your ears.