Values drive us.
Constellations guide us.

At Loop, our core values shape everything we do. They define our culture, guide our decisions and set the standards for how we operate as a brand.

  • Think Big

    We don’t just shoot for the moon – we aim for the galaxy beyond it. Our engines run on big ambitions and educated risk-taking. Of course, some missions succeed with flying colors – and some don’t. We never give up, though.

  • Stay Curious

    We Loopers are curious by nature. We strive to outsmart the given, and we always take the road less traveled. We challenge ourselves and each other to make active learning a part of the job. We ask questions that get to the heart of the matter.

  • Take Initiative

    We’re risk-takers who turn to expert advice when it’s needed. Feedback is honest and open, and we assume positive intent. Transparency is fundamental, and we take full responsibility for the decisions we make. Ownership of every key step along the way gives us the freedom to be uniquely flexible and autonomous in our work.

  • Live Fully

    We foster a working environment full of kindness, authenticity, and laughter. No question’s off-limits and there are no hidden agendas. Every Looper has a right to psychological safety, which we know increases trust and a sense of belonging. We celebrate uniqueness and diversity, and we think collectively.

  • Do Good

    We make magic by challenging the status quo and listening to what the world really needs. We aim to amaze and insist on doing good. We also know that impact starts from within.

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  • How we honor our values with our constellations

  • At Loop, constellations serve as guiding stars for our mindset, ensuring we honor our values and deliver exceptional customer experiences. These constellations align with our values, strengthen our commitment to excellence, and provide guidance for Loopers in decision-making and navigating their journey. Just as sailors trust the stars to cross turbulent waters, our constellations shine as our guiding light.

The Ambitious Astronaut

The Ambitious Astronaut constellation encourages us to shoot for the stars, be passionate and refuse to give up. This aligns with our value of Empowerment, as it inspires individuals to take control of their lives, embrace freedom and strive for greatness by thinking big and ambitiously. We empower ourselves to push and persist, even when ideas fail, and see them as an opportunity to learn.   

The Curious Cat

The Curious Cat constellation encourages us to be aware of what we don't know, ask for feedback and always be learning. This aligns with our values of Understanding and Simplicity. By staying curious, we seek to understand the needs and challenges of our customers, fostering a deeper connection and empathy which we can develop into our products and services. Additionally, curiosity drives us to simplify complex ideas and experiences, making them more accessible and user-friendly.

The Front Runner

The Front Runner constellation emphasizes moving fast, taking risks and not being afraid to fail. This aligns with our values of Style and Design-driven. Taking the initiative means setting the bar high for ourselves and Loop, pushing boundaries, and continuously striving for innovation and excellence. It reflects our commitment to creating stylish and design-driven products that stand out from the crowd.  

Fire of Freedom

The Fire of Freedom constellation encourages us to make connections, embrace individuality and be our authentic selves. This aligns with our value of Delight, as wearing Loops is all about finding delight in knowing that you feel free to look and feel amazing in your own skin, embracing your unique style and living life to the fullest at your own volume, while still feeling engaged in social settings.   

The Altruistic Angel

The Altruistic Angel constellation highlights our mission to change lives, inspire and make a positive impact. This aligns with our value of Peace of Mind. By doing good, we prioritize the well-being and peace of mind of our customers and aim to make a difference in the world. We strive to provide products and experiences that bring peace, comfort and a sense of well-being to people's lives.  

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