The People Team

From shaping employer brand identity to sourcing and retaining exceptional talent, they excel at employee-centricity

The People Team cultivate a diverse and inclusive workplace, ensuring a positive employee experience. With expertise in recruitment, training, performance management, and employee engagement, they are the backbone of our success.

Open Positions

  • 🚀 Belgium’s fastest growing scale-up

    Deloitte’s Fast 50 winners 2022.

  • 🦄 Unicorn status incoming

    Aiming for 1 billion in value by 2027.

  • ⚡ Team up with top talent

    Collaborate with some of the best minds in the biz.

  • 💻 Fully flexible working

    At the office, at home. Whatever works for you.

  • 🫶🏽 People-first policy

    Health & well-being above business goals, always.

  • 🌍 Do good in the world

    Help millions of people live more empowered lives.

Meet our People Teams

Talent Acquisition 

The Loop Talent Acquisitionist Team is the architect of our strong talent pipeline, collaborating closely with department and hiring managers to seek out the best and brightest skilfully. With a keen eye for talent and a sixth sense of cultural fit, they source, screen and select exceptional individuals and play a pivotal role in Loop’s recruitment process. They also play a crucial role in onboarding, ensuring new hires become fully integrated into our thriving culture.  

Employer Branding 

The Loop Employer Branding Team is the ultimate hype squad, shaping and promoting our brand identity to attract and retain top talent. They conduct research, develop engaging campaigns, and collaborate with HR and marketing to showcase our personality and values. Their expertise includes managing our online presence and cultivating a positive reputation. By enhancing the candidate experience and building a strong employer brand, they help us stand out and attract the best talent. 

Office & Happiness

The Office & Happiness Team is the glue that holds Loop together. They handle onboarding, payroll and ensure smooth operations. Beyond practicalities, they prioritize employee satisfaction, organizing team getaways and events. With a keen eye for detail and a commitment to a positive work environment, they are the heart of Loop, ensuring everyone has what they need to succeed. 

People Business Partners

The Loop People Business Partners Team bridges the gap between employees and the company. They excel in talent nurturing and creating a flourishing environment. Working closely with managers, they ensure support, engagement, and growth opportunities for all team members. By providing resources for continuous learning and development, they contribute to the growth and prosperity of both Loop and its people. 


What qualities does the People Team look for in candidates?  

The People Team seeks individuals who are passionate about people, possess strong communication and interpersonal skills, demonstrate empathy and integrity and have a genuine desire to support and empower others. They value teamwork, adaptability and a positive mindset.  

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