The Product Team

Whether you're an engineer, designer, tester, or developer, we’ll provide the tools and resources to unleash your creativity.   

Welcome to Loop's Product Team, where creativity, innovation and passion collide to create something extraordinary. From ideation to launch and beyond, we’re constantly pushing the boundaries to bring fresh products to life that will set Loop apart in the hearing protection market.

Open Positions

  • “It's such a delight to work in an environment where everyone is so skilled. And everybody always seems to go the extra mile for one another.”

    Robert Blaauboer, Senior Product Developer
  • “Everyone is so focused on making the products the best they can be by doing things right. It’s great to be a part of.”

    Lukas De Graef, Senior Product Developer
  • 🚀 Belgium’s fastest growing scale-up

    Deloitte’s Fast 50 winners 2022.

  • 🦄 Unicorn status incoming

    Aiming for 1 billion in value by 2027.

  • ⚡ Team up with top talent

    Collaborate with some of the best minds in the biz.

  • 💻 Fully flexible working

    At the office, at home. Whatever works for you.

  • 🫶🏽 People-first policy

    Health & well-being above business goals, always.

  • 🌍 Do good in the world

    Help millions of people live more empowered lives.

Meet our Product Teams


Loop's Engineering Team are the sound wizards behind earplugs that effectively reduce unwanted noise. They delve into acoustics, selecting materials, refining designs and testing prototypes to achieve comfort, aesthetics and noise reduction. Working closely with other teams, our engineers ensure the earplugs meet safety standards and customer requirements.


Loop User-centered Designers are the customer-whisperers who prioritize the end user, gathering insights, preferences and pain points through research and prototype testing. They guide the design process, collaborating with other teams to create functional, comfortable and visually appealing Loops.

Project Management

Loop Project managers are the masters of organization, coordination and communication, ensuring that all project activities are completed on time, within budget, and to the desired quality standards.  They work closely with the product teams to ensure that the development and delivery of our projects run smoothly and successfully.

Product Management

Loop Product Managers are the captains of the product ship, steering it towards success in the choppy seas of customer demands and market trends. They manage the development and success of our earplugs from ideation to launch and beyond. They work closely with other product teams to ensure that the product is aligned with Loop’s vision and meets customer needs. 

Product Design

Loop's Product Designers are the creative forces behind our products' aesthetics and functionality. They collaborate with other teams to meet technical requirements and resonate with the target audience. Through prototyping and user testing, they refine designs to create standout earplugs that prioritize comfort and user needs.


What’s the next big product idea for the future?

We can’t give too much away... but let’s just say we’re exploring new possibilities, such as ANC technology, sound personalization, health monitoring and AI contributions to simple sound control within our earwear line. 

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